Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Brianna Ludwig

Chapter President

Brianna Ludwig is our President and is responsible for holding chapter meetings, attending Panhellenic meetings, meeting with advisors and housing corporation board, and communicating with national officers.

Paige Michaels

Executive Vice President

Paige Michaels is our Executive Vice President. She assists the Chapter president during executive counsel meetings and chapter.

Kathryn Tague

Vice President of New Member Education

Kathryn Tague, our Vice President of New Member Education making her responsible for leading weekly meetings to help welcome and teach the newest members of Sigma Kappa.

Julie Amstutz

Vice President of Communication

Julie Amstutz serves as our Vice President of Communications. She is responsible for all chapter correspondence, as well as taking minutes at our formal, informal, and executive board meetings. In addition, she tracks chapter attendance and maintains the chapter's merit points system.

Annie Blumenstock

Vice President of Membership

Annie Blumenstock is our Vice President of Membership and is responsible for recruiting new members of Sigma Kappa. She’s excited to welcome New Members to the Greek Community and help them find their home in Sigma Kappa.

Paige Howell

Continous Open Bidding Chair

Paige Howell, our Vice President of Membership and is responsible for recruiting new members of Sigma Kappa as well. She focuses on recruiting after formal recruitment season.

Rose Arbuckle

Historian & Ritual

Rose Arbuckle keeps track and documents significant events in our chapter history! She also is able to keep track of our chapter belongings in our storage unit.

Kayla Bordenkecher

Public Relations Chair & Webmaster

Kayla Bordenkecher is Public Relations Chair and Websmaster. She runs all social media and web-related things to Sigma Kappa. She plans events that benefit Sigma Kappa's image.

Tessa Johnson

Sisterhood Chair

Tessa Johnson is sisterhood chair. Sisterhood chair plans events and activities that help raise morale in the chapter!

Megan Marlatt

Social Chair

Megan Marlatt is our Social Chair. She focuses on setting up events between other greek organizations and our chapter!

Alexa Quintana

Alumnae Relations

Alexa Quintana helps the chapter keep in touch with alumnae by organizing fun events.

Jaci Cross

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Jaci Cross is our Vice President of Academic Excellence. She makes sure everyone is studying and upholding their academic responsibilities. If a member is struggling through the semester she meets with them and helps them set plans to excel in college.

Megan Marlatt

Activities Chair

Megan Marlatt is responsible for making sure every member is involved in at least one other organization. Sigma Kappa believes strongly in the importance and value of campus and community involvement.

Morgan Branning

Vice President of Finance

Morgan Branning is in charge of our finances. She works with members to make sure they pay their dues and even creates payment plans for members who need help.